Ellis 10

10 Nov 2014
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Gibson Twist, 09 Nov 2014

Some of those faces might be familiar.

Advertisement, 22 Nov 2014

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Onyxlight, 10 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

Indeed they are... Andy and Mulligan?

The_Hankerchief, 11 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

Andy and Christo, more like. I do see what looks to be Mulligan's hat in the background off to the left. Also, I reckon that might be Michelle to the far right.

dangerface, 12 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

From left: Mulligan having a smoke with his back to us, Smilin' Andy smilin' and flirting with Ellis, and that's Wiley back-to-back with Ellis talking to Biz and Lee (presumably before the "incident"). In my head, One Inch Punch were playing a show in the area and got invited back to this party.

Onyxlight, 20 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

@dangerface: Good call on the back of Wiley's head.


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