Ellis 42

08 May 2017

Gibson Twist, 08 May 2017

Maybe the moral is never trust anyone who says you can trust them.

Advertisement, 27 Jun 2017

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dangerface, 08 May 2017 Reply to this comment!

Who else is excited for the Biz spin-off in which he pulls his life back together and dedicates himself to helping the less fortunate?

Jado (Guest), 19 May 2017 Reply to this comment!

Awesome story
I love this story. It's dark and sad, but there is a hope and an optimism in it that i really want to see come thru. I can't wait for the next page. You all rock, art and story. Excellent all around.

JayCee (Guest), 11 Jun 2017 Reply to this comment!

I can't wait for Biz's story too!


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