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05 Mar 2012

Gibson Twist, 04 Mar 2012

Way back in the early days of working on Eden, Ben expressed to me some concern that the style in which he was working, he might not be able to do justice to some of the heavier parts of the comic. This page is only one of the things that prove me right for saying this was nonsense.

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dangerface, 04 Mar 2012

It is actually quite difficult to draw characters shouting in this cartoony style without making them look goofy. I do what I can not to.

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The_Hankerchief, 05 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!


Katlamos (Guest), 05 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!

Well, that doesn't sound good.
Seems like usually when someone says "There's no time" and act like that, death usually has one foot in the door...

Da Lurch (Guest), 05 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!

Goofy? No. Advancing the story and really setting the mood? Oh yes. Just beautiful. These ain't yo' daddy's cartoons, Dondi.

Murohshei, 07 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!

I think her teeth showing and the expression helped it look less "cartoony". Man I FELT it.

reverendjack, 07 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!

adding to what Murohshei said, it's the eyes on this page that do it for me.

missgreeney, 07 Apr 2012 Reply to this comment!

I've devoured this comic, having stumbled across it by chance. I must say, it's amazingly well-done. I found myself really relating to Tim, especially. The way people come in and out of life and you just can't seem to hold onto them for long. It's amazing! I look forward to reading more.

missgreeney, 24 Apr 2012 Reply to this comment!

Also, I totally wrote a review for you guys, if you were at all interested in reading it :) http://missgreeney.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/comic-review-our-time-in-eden/

Gibson Twist, 25 Apr 2012 Reply to this comment!

@missgreeney: That's awesome! Thanks for the love, we hope to be back again soon.

dangerface, 08 May 2012 Reply to this comment!

Miss Greeney, you've inspired me! I'm working on the next page now.


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