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27 Aug 2012

Gibson Twist, 26 Aug 2012

Help is always there, but it doesn't always volunteer.

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Charvale, 27 Aug 2012 Reply to this comment!

Don't I know it!

This comic is seriously hitting all of the points that most people need to know. Sometimes people just don't know who to turn to if there is something wrong with them, or where to get help. I can seriously relate to Tim, and my hope is that he gets the help he needs.

Again, I'm absolutely loving this comic Ben and Gibson! I only wish I could donate money to keep it going on a regular schedule, but again it's worth waiting for. :3

Elena (Guest), 06 Sep 2012 Reply to this comment!

Yaaaay!! Awesome comic so far. You'd better update more often, though. For meeee?

Thora (Guest), 14 Sep 2012 Reply to this comment!

nooo! i caught up! now i'll have to wait for next page :P
amazing comic you guys!! keep up the good work <3

darkamnios, 15 Sep 2012 Reply to this comment!

holy shit.. I know I love this comic.. but.. its impressive to see it always top itself.

<3 for updates.

Face (Guest), 20 Sep 2012 Reply to this comment!

I'm glad I picked now to reread...at another time I might not have noticed that on the first page featuring Daniel, there is a handprint on his shirt that's reaching towards Tim in both the panels it's visible in. Kinda sweet.

Onyxlight, 29 Sep 2012 Reply to this comment!



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