Ellis 10

10 Nov 2014

Gibson Twist, 09 Nov 2014

Some of those faces might be familiar.

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Onyxlight, 10 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

Indeed they are... Andy and Mulligan?

The_Hankerchief, 11 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

Andy and Christo, more like. I do see what looks to be Mulligan's hat in the background off to the left. Also, I reckon that might be Michelle to the far right.

dangerface, 12 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

From left: Mulligan having a smoke with his back to us, Smilin' Andy smilin' and flirting with Ellis, and that's Wiley back-to-back with Ellis talking to Biz and Lee (presumably before the "incident"). In my head, One Inch Punch were playing a show in the area and got invited back to this party.

Onyxlight, 20 Nov 2014 Reply to this comment!

@dangerface: Good call on the back of Wiley's head.

Blueguy (Guest), 01 Dec 2014 Reply to this comment!

Is it Wiley's head? I think it looks more like Peter.

Out on a limb (Guest), 08 Dec 2014 Reply to this comment!

...the girl with just the fringe. She's in POY I swear. Her hair is purple in colour. This is making me want to go back through crowd scenes in POY to look out for Ellis et al! Gibson do you mind telling us if that's worth our while?!!

Gibson Twist, 08 Dec 2014 Reply to this comment!

@Out on a limb: I'm of a mind that Pictures of You is always worth reading again, but there are certainly familiar faces between the two comics.

Out on a limb (Guest), 09 Dec 2014 Reply to this comment!

Don't tempt me!!
@Gibson Twist: Always worth our while, it's I think my favourite comic - but there's a difference between rereading, and playing an extended game of spot the difference (especially when up against an essay deadline, but of course I would never leave an entire genomics paper right up to the last minute....)! Anyway, thank you for what you do. LIke many, I've been reading since the beginning, when I was younger than the characters right up until now when I guess I'm older than them all (though no wiser).

Gibson Twist, 09 Dec 2014 Reply to this comment!

@Out on a limb: Certainly don't go through every page looking for them, that would take forever, but there's more than just Tim and Ellis to look for if you did, and in far plainer sight.

Out on a limb (Guest), 10 Dec 2014 Reply to this comment!

@Gibson Twist: Indeed :). What I like about webcomics is exactly that - because you get a story told one page at a time and have to wait at least 24 hours for the next page, it gets you taking the time to really savour each page and scrutinise it. Thank you!

StopHarassingMe, 18 Mar 2018 Reply to this comment!



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