Ellis 34

10 Oct 2016

Gibson Twist, 24 Sep 2016

The landlady in the first panel was never in the script, it was all Ben. This is only one of the many reasons I love him.

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sentiashinou, 11 Oct 2016 Reply to this comment!

Loving the updates! I recently re-read this from the beginning and I'm realizing that I'm the same age as "old Tim" now.

Ben, do you mind constructive criticism on these pages?

dangerface, 12 Oct 2016 Reply to this comment!

@sentiashinou: Not at all. I encourage it!

Onyxlight, 25 Dec 2017 Reply to this comment!

@Gibson Twist are the Marks on her face scars from the Joe attack or age and wear from the drugs and not taking care of herself?

I was hoping all would be clear to me as I reread this but it isn't. If those aren't scars I often wondered why she "was left too ugly" to dance again once she healed.

dangerface, 18 Jan 2018 Reply to this comment!

@Onyxlight: Originally, before I started drawing the comic and I was sending Gibson character design sketches, I only had those marks on her face to show she'd lived a hard life. When it came time to start showing the progressive transformation of young Ellis into present Ellis, I did actively decide that the marks under her eyes would be the result of Joe's attack. Good catch!

Onyxlight, 18 Feb 2018 Reply to this comment!

@dangerface: Thank you so much for answering me. *hugs* ^_^


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