Ellis 42

08 May 2017

Gibson Twist, 08 May 2017

Maybe the moral is never trust anyone who says you can trust them.

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dangerface, 08 May 2017 Reply to this comment!

Who else is excited for the Biz spin-off in which he pulls his life back together and dedicates himself to helping the less fortunate?

Jado (Guest), 19 May 2017 Reply to this comment!

Awesome story
I love this story. It's dark and sad, but there is a hope and an optimism in it that i really want to see come thru. I can't wait for the next page. You all rock, art and story. Excellent all around.

JayCee (Guest), 11 Jun 2017 Reply to this comment!

I can't wait for Biz's story too!

Onyxlight, 01 Jul 2017 Reply to this comment!

Did I miss something...is there really a Biz story in the making?

Gibson Twist, 01 Jul 2017 Reply to this comment!

@Onyxlight: No, no, not at all, no. I mean, no.

DizzyMuse, 14 Jul 2017 Reply to this comment!

Please keep going!
Long time reader, first time commenting. I know the updates tend to lag a bit here, but I just wanted to ask/beg/plead, please please please keep going and sharing this bewitching, absolutely haunting story with us? I've more or less accepted I'll never know the written ending of R.R. Martin's epic story, but I don't think I could handle not knowing what happens with Tim and Ellis! Please keep going! Thank you so much for all your storytelling over the years!

dangerface, 04 Aug 2017 Reply to this comment!

@DizzyMuse: Oh, don't worry, we'll keep pushing at this until it's done! ALSO, new page coming pretty soon.


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