Ellis 43

06 Aug 2017

Gibson Twist, 06 Aug 2017

I won't lie, I've been going through some shit, so anything that's going wrong is probably my fault and I don't have a good reason for it. Chances are good I feel bad about it. If you need to yell at me or call me names, I'm gibson_twistATyahoodotcom.

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DizzyMuse, 08 Aug 2017 Reply to this comment!

Re: 43
Yay, thank you for the new page!! So intense! Wow, this is sure feeling like Biz is at the end of his rope. Sorry to hear about your rough time Gibson. :( I hope things get better sooner than later.

Onyxlight, 24 Sep 2017 Reply to this comment!

I feel this has almost hit the point "where we came in" She looks like and is wearing what she stumbled into the church in, in the beginning if I am not mistaken.


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