Ellis 45

30 Nov 2017

Gibson Twist, 30 Nov 2017

Ben and I went back and forth about how graphic to make this page. I think we each held different thoughts at different times, but I think at the end it was Ben who decided too much gore would be out of character for the story, and when he showed me his thumbnail for the page, I knew he was right. I still think he was right.

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dangerface, 01 Dec 2017

Since I first read Gibson's original script, this was one of the pages I was looking forward to the most, because I wanted Biz's death to be grotesque. My plan was to go full gore-porn on this shot. As we drew closer to actually making the page, though, it became apparent that it just would've been too much of a departure from the tone of the book. Ah well. I'm sure there are more zombie comics in my future.

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Stephen (Guest), 30 Nov 2017 Reply to this comment!

I love PoY, but the amount of absolute heart and emotion in this story is amazing.

MK_Wizard, 30 Nov 2017 Reply to this comment!

This scene was worth the wait. So much tragedy. And it embodies the end of Biz's downward spiral perfectly.

chris (Guest), 03 Dec 2017 Reply to this comment!

this is great. i hope it doesn't end.


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