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08 Jan 2018

Gibson Twist, 06 Jan 2018

Once upon a time, when Our Time in Eden existed only as a prose novel, I passed around this chapter to a few people as a standalone short story to get some feedback. The last line of the novel version of the chapter then was "I think of you fondly, Tim, as I lay in the aisle, dying." This was the only time Tim's name was mentioned in the chapter, and I forgot to remove it from the short story, so nearly everyone came back immediately with "Who the fuck is Tim?" The one reader who had a different reaction was a friend named Tim who was very worried I had written him an elaborate suicide note.

I suppose everyone was too distracted at the time to notice the grammatical error, which is fixed here.

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chris (Guest), 15 Jan 2018 Reply to this comment!

don't let her die

Jado (Guest), 16 Jan 2018 Reply to this comment!


We already know she doesn't. At least, not here. No idea if she is going to die on Tim in his apartment. Can't wait to see, though.

This story is so awesome...

DizzyMuse, 23 Jan 2018 Reply to this comment!


Yeah, we've come full circle now. If you go back to the first pages of the story, you see her stumbling into this very scene.

I feel you tho. I'm both incredibly excited and also quietly dreading the next parts, afraid to hope.


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