Hereafter 4

24 Sep 2018

Gibson Twist, 23 Sep 2018

Once, and it wasn't too long ago, Ben confessed that he didn't think he was capable of representing the kind of emotion that was needed to sell the story of Our Time in Eden. I told him he was and to stop being ridiculous. If I haven't been proven right before (I have) this page proves me doubly right.

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MK_Wizard, 24 Sep 2018 Reply to this comment!

Oh no. Don't tell me Ellis went there.

Futura (Guest), 24 Sep 2018 Reply to this comment!

Oh geez, don't let me be right. I don't wanna be right.

Guest, 24 Sep 2018 Reply to this comment!

Dammit, no....

Jado (Guest), 24 Sep 2018 Reply to this comment!

Dammit. You all suck. She better be ok at the end of all this, or I'm gonna need my money back (that I never paid for this webcomic freely available on the net).

They BOTH deserve a chance at happiness. If it's all a big tragedy, so be it, but I want a happy ending. Or at least not a dead ending.

And If Ben open his yap again about doubting his art ability, I'm sending him a vial of my tears to drink from his cup of Shut the Hell Up.

Onyxlight, 26 Sep 2018 Reply to this comment!

OH WOW what a cliffhanger!


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