Fatigue 19

21 Mar 2008

dangerface, 22 Mar 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize for the sixth panel.

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Gibson Twist, 22 Mar 2008

Quiet, or I'm putting you back in the box.

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TacoTotes, 22 Mar 2008 Reply to this comment!

awesomely done *.*

and what is this 6th panel business! It looks great, you can really read her expression really well--

keeeeo going I cant wait to see more!

Eric (Guest), 23 Mar 2008 Reply to this comment!

I'm really amazed that I keep finding little gems of literary excellence when I bounce around on my normal comic sites. This is wonderful, and I hope you keep up the work!

ORYX, 25 Mar 2008 Reply to this comment!

Snazzy page, I totally agree with TTotes, the 6th gives an excellent expression, apology destroyed as deemed unnecessary. This is a fantastic piece; I hope you're both bursting with pride. I hope we find out soon what she means by her 4th panel comment... VERY EXCITING!!!


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