Innocence Cover

08 Apr 2008

Gibson Twist, 08 Apr 2008

Chapter Two, Innocence

In the second chapter of Our Time in Eden, the gears shift considerably, and what may have been presumed about this comic, in both writing and art, will be called into question as the story unfolds further.

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Neko with a Katana, 08 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

Mmmmm....unpredictability is the key to any great work.

I can hardly wait! I absolutely love this comic so far.

Zombie Mojo, 08 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

...Jesus. This comic is-- inspiration, magic, and awesomeness all in one. I can't believe I wasn't reading this before!!! Congrats, you just got your 100th fan.

By the way, Tim reminds me of Davey from Adam Sandler's "8 Crazy Nights". That's a good thing. I love that movie.

Vixen209, 09 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

I like how Ben put his name right in the middle so it stands out. Good job. I look forward to the next chapter.

Gibson Twist, 09 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

Actually, I do all the lettering, so that was me.

Vixen209, 13 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

haha, alright. Well Ben gets off easy this time. Way to be selfless Gibson.

zenat, 21 Dec 2009 Reply to this comment!

I really like this image... The vertical line gives the impression that one swing has fallen off into some unknown abyss below.

RIM Comics, 13 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!

This is a phenomenal cover. Excellent writing so far too.


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