Innocence 2

15 Apr 2008

Gibson Twist, 08 Apr 2008

In all of the many, lengthy discussions between Ben and I regarding the look of Eden, we agreed that each facet of the writing should be represented by a unique artistic signature, and the decision to represent this chapter in pencil was among the first of those choices made. I forget which of us had this idea originally, I think it was Ben, and we were both a little unsure how it would turn out. For my money, this chapter is the best art Ben has ever produced, and he shows that he is a true artist in his ability not only to match his own skill, but in fact to thrive when challenged.

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dangerface, 08 Apr 2008

I can't say I've enjoyed doing a single page like this, only because I've grown so used to doing my final stuff in ink, but as painstaking as the process was, I look back at almost every page and impress myself. Sounds conceited, maybe, but I wouldn't do the art I do if it wasn't the art I liked.

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dinodudemax, 15 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

I know you have been told this alot, but its true: those backgrounds are gorgeous...

Vixen209, 16 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

I personally love Tim's hair and the calendar. The whole thing is wicked awesome, but those are my favourite.

takashinakamura, 16 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

nice job with the movers!

Cave, 16 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

Your art is awesome. You should be damned proud of it! :D

Zombie Mojo, 16 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

Holy shit. Seriously, guys, this entire comic is just the essence of awesome. And as far as I'm concerned, the penciling for the flashbacks is great, too!

Gem_Stone666, 17 Apr 2008 Reply to this comment!

Star Wars toys! Lol, that's freaking awesome! Geez, like everyone has said, your art is brilliant and the story, so far, is amazing. You two make an awesome team and I can't wait for the next page!

Drewster, 20 Aug 2012 Reply to this comment!

I think the ink was a wonderful idea. It seems to blend innocence, nostalgia and naivety.


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