Innocence 8

06 May 2008

Gibson Twist, 08 Apr 2008

I've always enjoyed the narrative dialogue in this chapter, unclear as to whether the characters are conversing, or if they're both telling the story together.

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dangerface, 08 Apr 2008

These were my favorite pages to do in this chapter.

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Silly Bob, 07 May 2008 Reply to this comment!

WOW, Smeagol, just WOW!

Awesome page guys.

TacoTotes, 07 May 2008 Reply to this comment!

wonderful wonderful page guys! This is easily one of my top 5 favorite webcomics on smackjeeves. MMM! great!

serotonin.flood (Guest), 14 May 2008 Reply to this comment!

It takes a lot to pull on my emotions, but this page definitely made me get misty-eyed.

smeagol, she probably isn't a crazy bitch, she just loved you, and you hurt her..
that is really fucked up though, and awesome, lol... I mean, sucks man...
she into chicks? can I have her number?

No okay, I took it too far, sorry. I'm eagerly anticipating the next page.

Elion, 21 Oct 2008 Reply to this comment!

funny how this story makes you remember people from your past.

tezzle, 11 Jul 2009 Reply to this comment!

Sorry to ruin a touching moment, but onw line in this page reminds me of something. Does anyone remember the last line of the Red Dwarf episode "Holoship?"
"Oh, and're wrong. We won't be apart. We just...won't be together...I CANNOT believe I just said that."

BrennyF (Guest), 07 Mar 2012 Reply to this comment!

Hehe :3
Mr Twist, I've read every page of Pictures of You so far, and I'm currently reading Our Time in Eden, and I would just like to thank you. Between the two, so far you have managed to depict the good and the bad parts of my life, in almost the same likeness. But I'm not complaining, it's a brilliant way to express myself, reading the outlines of my life in your work, and living the good bits again. I just wanted to thank, thanks :)


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