Lost 7

16 Dec 2008

Gibson Twist, 16 Dec 2008

This page and the next were originally intended to be one page, but during a recent discussion, we decided to split it up. I think the result is much better and keeps with the tone already set in the story.

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dangerface, 17 Dec 2008

This page was kind of rushed on account of I'm going away for a week, and I've had a lot to get done before I leave. Hope it doesn't show.

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Neko with a Katana, 16 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

Lovely as usual.

Demagor, 17 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

I love the complete and absolute visible clash of emotions in panel 3. She is angry and combative; he is shocked and speechless as if someone just tore his heart out. You KNOW what he wants to tell her in panel 6, but after her outburst, he won't put himself out there at this much risk. Seriously guys, you're doing an amazing job here- everything is so well-developed and believable that it's hard to believe it's a comic. Are you sure these people aren't real?

Trauma, 17 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

I just love the art...

And I can't wait for plot development!

Vixen209, 17 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

Nah, it's definitely awesome as always.

Rori, 17 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

Awesome as usual. And the pacing is supoib.

Idene, 17 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

oy, i know how hard it is to tell someone you like them. -_-'

again, very awesome page.

yoko molotov, 18 Dec 2008 Reply to this comment!

i love this comic, cant wait for the next update!

Los (Guest), 30 May 2012 Reply to this comment!

Ugh...that's a familiar punch to the gut. Still, this is a great read.


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