Lost 12

19 Mar 2009

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Idene, 21 Mar 2009 Reply to this comment!

there's just something about these pages
The ones that break from the recollections, that's just so, blarg, can't think of the word.

I like these ones tho.

Rori, 24 Mar 2009 Reply to this comment!

Looking super-awesome!
Keep cranking out those pages, Steeves!

mlai, 25 Mar 2009 Reply to this comment!

OK I finally read the archive of OTiE.

I see the girl's deal. She doesn't see the present-Tim at all. All she sees is what she wants to see -- a Tim that exists in her own biased memories. And I'm not sure she even loves *that* Tim. The only thing she sees for certain is that past-Tim being the last possible refuge for her. Whatever you call it, it doesn't look like love.

God, if she blurts "Do you remember" just one more time... *hands set to choke mode.

I don't know what Tim's deal is yet, though. ATM he just looks like a loser, but we'll see.


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