Lost 16

19 Apr 2009

Gibson Twist, 19 Apr 2009

I'm sure this is confusing to some readers but bear with us, it should all become clear.

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dangerface, 19 Apr 2009

You might notice that Ellis's hair goes black after panel 5, as it is in the inked pages that take place in the present. Gibson and I had talked at some length about exactly when Ellis should dye her hair black, and I thought in this case it would make sense for her to do it while living with Tim and Gloria (both with black hair), as her surrogate family.

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LazyChocobo, 19 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

Mr. Lipton?
I see Ellis went to the same University as Peter of Pictures of You did. XD

Rori, 19 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

Dear Mr. Twist,

You are, by far, the best mind-fuck around.


Yazzydream, 19 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

Ugh, she's doing it again. I really dislike her. I don't care for women, actually men too, who fantasize but do nothing about them. Perhaps I'm being harsh, I'll guess I'll have to sit patiently and wait.

EDIT* Oh! I forgot to mention, it's even sadder because she seems to have been a ver strong girl when she was younger. What happened?

SFC-Omicron, 20 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

Can't get enough of the ol' drunky prof, huh? That, or Introduction to Logic. I loved that class...well, what I saw of it, anyway.

Great job, as always, guys. Keep it up!

Guest, 20 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

I like how their shadows blend into one in the second panel.

Guest, 22 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

I love that Ellis is wearing a suit to her friend's wedding. XD And I am dying of curiosity!!

darkamnios, 23 Apr 2009 Reply to this comment!

Prof. Lipton
Confused? Yes. Completely in love with your work? As well.
Great work Guys

Shikamaru_Nara, 06 Aug 2009 Reply to this comment!

What is it?

Lunair (Guest), 21 Aug 2012 Reply to this comment!

Awesome to see the Logic lesson again :D

JayGB, 02 Jun 2014 Reply to this comment!

Why does a philosphy professor wear a lab coat?!


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