Lost 25

16 Sep 2009

Gibson Twist, 16 Sep 2009

It's been a long time coming, but Chapter 3 draws to a close. We hope to make sure the next chapter comes a little faster. Thanks to everyone for sticking with us.

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dangerface, 17 Sep 2009

Wooo! Finally through Chapter 3!! As Gibson said, we'll try to get the Chapter 4 pages up a little more... frequently.

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KittyCHOMP, 16 Sep 2009 Reply to this comment!


Da Lurch (Guest), 18 Sep 2009 Reply to this comment!

This is one of the most compelling stories I've read in a long time with artwork that accompanies beautifully. Really outstanding work, both literary and artistic.

Leona, 18 Sep 2009 Reply to this comment!

I love this comic. The art is great, and the story wonderful, but the words that come out of Ellis's mouth are so melodramatic, so cliche` that I find them unbearable.

Idene, 18 Sep 2009 Reply to this comment!

*sigh* I think this was the best chapter... well best out of three. :3 just by a smidge tho.

and hey, we're fans, we'll stick with you, because unless you do something to horrendously alienate us, we'll stick on you. :3

blackmoongirl2424, 19 Sep 2009 Reply to this comment!

Long time reader and love this Webcomic/webgraphic novel/ect. I can't wait for chap. 4 keep up the good work X3

yoko molotov, 20 Sep 2009 Reply to this comment!

i love this, i cant wait for another update!

c_arnold, 16 Dec 2009 Reply to this comment!

It really speaks volumes of the level of trust they have for each other that they can just throw a few back with each other and not have that fear one will take advantage of the other.


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