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05 Feb 2010

Gibson Twist, 04 Feb 2010

Well, a couple pieces of honesty. First, Ben had this page finished more than a week ago and, due to some severe computer issues that happened on my end literally an hour before he sent it, I've only now been able to slap together some letters to be able to post it. That said, I hate the way the letters look. I'm working on a different computer now with different programs that I'm just not computer savvy enough to use well. At some point later I will redo these letters, but for now, I hope everyone agrees that a page is better than no page.

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oipteaapdoce, 05 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

I actually find it easier to read then the usual font.

darkamnios, 07 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

different font or not glad to have a new page all together! <3

Lee A. (Guest), 08 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

The Font
The Font? No problem. We can read it. The story is there, and the pictures are there. As George Carlin said, "Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff." This is probably the most intriguing comic on the web. Keep it up.


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