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23 Feb 2010

Gibson Twist, 23 Feb 2010

What's strange is that, when I wrote this, the whole chain coffee shop thing was just hitting it's stride. Now, it's hard to find coffee shops that aren't, and I think it's a shame. Back then, those little cafes could be like a clubhouse for art fags, they built art scenes and let us hide from sunlight while we wasted our days hating the government and playing backgammon. If you ever find one of those, don't let it go because it might not come back.

Fuck you, Starbucks.

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Damiano (Guest), 24 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

Well, that's a pity!
Lucky me, they still exist in Italy! USA it's a great country for many reasons, but maybe in this one we beat you...
Joking. Always amazed by your capability of describing reality in such an incredible manner, so fresh and sad...

Lee A (Guest), 24 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

Some Still Exist
When I was a young man, in the late 1950s, there were coffee houses everywhere. They had big brass, Italian Espresso machines, and Russian Samovars. We "Beatniks" would gather to discuss the three Ps. Poetry, Philosophy, and P---y. I suppose, not unlike "Average Joes."

We have an independent coffee house in the small Montana town of Miles City, called "Cafe Utza." Most of the denizens are well above college age, but at least two of the Ps are still very much in evidence. Once in a while, someone will bring in a guitar. Ah, sweet reverie.

darkamnios, 24 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

Sadly its been a couple years now since I been to a good coffee shop like that..
On another note, you guys have me wrap around yer finger with your amazing writing and the graphic aspect as well. Will always keep coming for more!

Jodie (Guest), 26 Feb 2010 Reply to this comment!

yes, f* you, starbucks.


parce (Guest), 04 Mar 2010 Reply to this comment!

At least one or two still exist in every decently sized city in North America. While I travel the independant coffee shops are my sanctuary. I'll waste hours to find them rather than give in to the chains.

MoonlightShadow, 09 Mar 2010 Reply to this comment!

This is great!!

yoko molotov, 10 Mar 2010 Reply to this comment!

Awesome updates cant wait to read more!

Pretentious Artsy Douchebag, 11 Mar 2010 Reply to this comment!

oooh cafes!
I guess I'm lucky the starbucks curse hasn't reached this far south, we've got some very good places kinda like average joe's around here, there's this one I used to go to with an old girlfriend that's managed by this kinda hardcore feminist movement, they make some tasty stuff there


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