Time 9

28 Mar 2010

Gibson Twist, 28 Mar 2010

Apologies to Ben and everyone who waits patiently for updates, I got this page a week ago and messed up the dates when I tried to post it.

To make it up to you, I promise to shake your hands at the convention.

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dangerface, 30 Mar 2010

The visible text on the paper clipping is from Gibson's inerview at thefabler.com. Check it out.

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Lee A (Guest), 29 Mar 2010 Reply to this comment!

Time 9
Although I hate to wait for updates, the new page makes the wait sweeter. "Stopped taking the pills in balloon two, and again in the third. Seems like the starting back again seems to be the problem. Hope he finds a 12 step program before he finds the needle. But then, that would rather spoil the drama.

darkamnios, 29 Mar 2010 Reply to this comment!

hate to wait... but oh! so worthy..
-shakes fits at Mr. Twist- unless ya headed to NY sadly wont be shaking my hand T_T

yoko molotov, 01 Apr 2010 Reply to this comment!

gosh... i love this comic so much.

tristythefishy, 25 Apr 2010 Reply to this comment!

I loooove this comic and I told my friend about it, and we both agree. It takes entirely too long for the updates. I can't believe I haven't commented before.

dangerface, 02 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

The Fishy is Right.
Agreed, Tristy. And my apologies to our readers, and to Gibson as well. I planned to have the next page done at least a week ago. There's no other excuse than that I got home from vacation 2 weeks ago, and still haven't gotten back in the groove of actually being productive, which is to say: I've been slacking. It's not that I can't make a deadline. I've proved to Gibson before that I can produce a page a week, but it's hard to feel like working on comics when you're "real job" leaves you drained and you just want to chill on every day off. I know I've said it before, but I'm definitely going to try to get on track. Until then, Gibson should consider FedEx-ing me a batch of his discipline.

tristythefishy, 05 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

It's okay, really. I know the feeling. ._. All too well. Sorry for making it seem like I was upset. xD I adore these comments. Thank you both for them. =]


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