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17 May 2010

Gibson Twist, 16 May 2010

Again, I have to apologize to Ben and all of our readers. I've been waiting since Ben's last email for him to send this page for me to letter, all the while he had attached it to the last email he sent me. I choose to blame the fact that I got married since the last update, and now I have become an oafish sitcom husband whose wife is the only thing keeping him from being homeless and drooling on himself.

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Lee A (Guest), 17 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

New page
Great page. Glad I kept coming back every day to check for updates.

Thanks for a great story.

Cultra, 17 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

haha! no biggie, as long as you just update i think the people here will be glad :D!
and congratulations on your marriage ^^

darkamnios, 17 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

yay for an update.
and Grats again Mr. Twist.

youngcannibals, 17 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

I can see an animated show out of this... The Twists. You're a beer guzzling husband who works at a power plant, and your wife has blue hair.

By the way, fantastic page. This is one of my favorite comics (online or otherwise).

SuperBiasedMan, 17 May 2010 Reply to this comment!

The Twists, directed by M. Night Shyamalan


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